Since 1995, Kayden Industries has been designing, manufacturing, operating and selling Big Bowl Centrifuges throughout the world. Kayden Industries has developed a true oilfield centrifuge that can withstand the harshest operating environments around the globe and proudly manufactures all equipment in North America. These high capacity centrifuges coupled with high output torque gear boxes and variable speed control creates an increase in retention time and ultimately maximize solids and liquid separation.

Kayden Industries currently offers the Predator-2072, Mammoth-2276. Kayden Industries’ centrifuges will continue to attract high demand as the solids control industry requires higher processing capacities with increased operational complexity and environmental considerations. With reliability as a company goal, Kayden Industries has been able to build centrifuges with a low total cost of ownership, and ensure owners of Kayden Industries’ centrifuges long-term profitability.