The Company


Kayden Industries was founded in 1995 with one goal in mind – let’s build centrifuges that actually work. Since then Kayden Industries has grown from a small three person operation in Calgary, Canada to an international operation with proven reliability. As a leading innovator in the liquid-solid separation industry, Kayden produces one of the largest, toughest, and most efficient horizontal decanting centrifuges available.

Currently, Kayden Industries relies on over 150 centrifuges operating in the harshest environments around the world, from the sub-zero temperatures of the Canadian Arctic to the desert of Australia’s oilfield, clients put their trust in Kayden Industries.

Kayden Industries is truly committed to continual innovation and the optimization of the solids control industry, and looks forward to serving clients around the globe.

Management Team


Brent Morrice

Chief Executive Officer

Brent Morrice joined Kayden’s executive team in February 2013. In this role, he was instrumental in the growth and development of Kayden in North America. In 2014 he assumed the role of President of our U.S. division until early 2016, when he assumed his role as President of Kayden Industries. Brent currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer, managing the strategic direction of the business.

Brent is the former Chairman of the Board of Evolution Engineering Inc, A N.A based Oil and Gas MWD company. In this role, he served as chair through the acquisition by a major Oil & Gas Service provider. Brent is also past Chair Ski Jumping Canada.

Brent has held multiple sales, Sales Management, and general management positions. With over 25 years of senior management experience in various companies, he has a strong track record of success in building these organizations.

Brent holds a Diploma in Business with a major in Business Management from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.


Kyle Ulveland

Chief Operating Officer

Kyle Ulveland joined Kayden in September 2013 and is currently the Chief Operating Officer overseeing Operations, Engineering & Manufacturing, HR, IT, and Legal. Kyle brings a wealth of business administration knowledge and has been instrumental in the industry diversification and brand repositioning of Kayden. Previously Kyle served as Vice President of Kayden for six years.

Prior to joining Kayden, Kyle played an essential role in the market expansion of an MWD company, which Schlumberger now owns. Prior to that, Kyle worked with various industrial companies on international development and marketing strategy.

Kyle holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary.


Brad Keating


Brad Keating joined Kayden Industries in 2003 and has held various positions from Field technician to Vice President, and currently serves as President. Brad's main focus is on business development strategy and works to ensure the continual growth of Kayden's Energy Services and Environmental Services divisions.

In 2009, Brad used his operational experience and entrepreneurial drive to transition into sales. He had a successful track record in growing partnerships with companies in Canada and the USA in this role. In 2013 Brad and his family moved to Houston, where he became the USA Sales Manager. Brad was promoted to Vice President in January of 2015 and currently oversees the Energy Services division. Brad has been instrumental in the growth and success of Kayden’s North American business unit.

Prior to Kayden, Brad worked for Nabors Drilling in various positions on drilling rigs in Canada.


Sean Maharaj

Chief Financial Officer

In May of 2021, Sean stepped down as CEO and reassumed CFO role he previously held since 2013. Over the last six years, Sean led our organization through multiple business cycles and embraced a vision for industry diversification that has set Kayden up for continued growth.

We're pleased that Sean will remain with the organization through this transition.

Having been in senior management positions over the last 15 years for various multi-national companies, Sean brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in leadership, finance, strategic planning, and shareholder value maximization.

Prior to joining Kayden, Sean spent seven years in Asia as a senior executive with a large multinational real estate investment firm where he was instrumental in managing finance, compliance, corporate tax matters, strategies, and strategic direction and profit maximization for the Asia markets.

Sean holds a Chartered Professional Accountant certificate. 

Our Commitment To HSE

At Kayden Industries, safety is a matter of choice not chance. No matter the size of the task, there is always a safe and efficient way to perform it. The management team at Kayden is field-ready and trained to ensure our entire staff is safety minded as well as safety ready. Our extensive training programs speak to our impressive proven safety record both in the field and in our manufacturing facilities. Safety is one of the core values at Kayden and our team members pride themselves on a high safety standard. In the field we recognize the importance of respecting not only our own safety standards, but our clients’ as well.

We at Kayden Industries are also committed to protecting the health and safety of all individuals affected by our work, as well as the environment in which we live and operate. Kayden Industries has established appropriate health and environmental performance goals and we regularly review our progress towards them.

Kayden strives to ensure all of the equipment is designed with safety in mind and is among the best in the solids control industry. Kayden Industries is committed to protecting the environment and maintaining public health and safety with the objective of preventing the contamination, destruction, alteration or pollution of the environment.

Kayden Industries is a recognized industry leader in Employee Safety and Training. We are proud to have the following accreditations:

  • Certificate of Recognition
  • IRP 16
  • ISNetworld Membership
  • ComplyWorks Member
  • Worksafe BC
  • PSAC Membership
  • Canadian HSE Registration




Our mission at Kayden is to continue to innovate and improve our services. As a team, we work together to better serve our clients by continuously promoting a safe and enjoyable environment.


Kayden Industries is committed to creating a safe work environment, where we are each responsible for the development and maintenance of a safe workplace.


Kayden Industries provides an exceptional standard and quality of work. We achieve our excellence by our positive and friendly approach to those we work with inside and outside the organization.


Kayden Industries works together for the common goal of achieving growth and improvement. We share our strengths and knowledge with one another, which makes us an exceptional team.


Kayden Industries is committed to keeping the highest ethical and professional standards. Kayden Industries can be counted on to keep the promises we make.


Kayden Industries is accountable, and we take the initiative in all situations. We choose to respond to new challenges as we continuously seek opportunities to be innovative.

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