Kayden offers both elliptical and linear motion shakers for both first stage separation and drying of cuttings. Kayden shakers are currently manufactured in the USA by Vortex Fluid Systems and Fluid Systems Inc. These shakers are integrated into Kayden's systems for the oilfield, industrial, agriculture and municipal industries.

Kayden offers replacement screens for the following brands:

  • Derrick™
  • NOV™/Brandt™
  • MI Swaco™
  • Fluid Systems™
  • Kem-Tron™
  • Mud Systems™
  • Vortex™
  • Triton™
  • SCOMI™
Features & Benefits
  • Unique design processes at higher flow rates, resulting in a higher quality fluid, and reduced wear and tear on other solids control equipment and rig components
  • Lab-tested to ensure the highest performance in all applications
  • Quality metal increases the reliability and lifespan of the screen, ensuring further savings to the operator