GIS Sonar Lagoon and Pond Scanning

Know the Health of Your Lagoon

GIS Scanning of ponds and lagoons can provide you with the assessment of exactly how much sediment is present within your ponds, and the volume of reservoir you have remaining.  By utilizing sonar scanning technology, our environmental science team will map your ponds individual layers, allowing you to see a 3D representation of the environment.  Differing from others that utilize a standardized probe stick in a randomized point method, a detailed scan will allow us to provide a more accurate representation, as a grid method will be applied, greatly improving the accuracy.  Using this information, the volume, weight and total volume will be calculated using a superior GIS program. Have piece of mind understanding, by knowing the health of your lagoon.

The sub bottom profiler is similar to that of a simple echo sounder. A transducer releases a sound pulse vertically downwards towards the seafloor, and a receiver records the return of the pulse once it has been reflected off the seafloor. Unlike a simple echo sounder, parts of the sound pulse will penetrate the seafloor and be reflected off of the different sub-bottom layers or strata layers.