Predator 2072

(530GPM)/(2000 L/MIN)

The North American made Predator-2072 is the ideal centrifuge for use in the solids control industry, with a proven track record in the harshest environments throughout the drilling and environmental sector. First developed in 1996, it has consistently outperformed competitors in head to head testing around the globe.

To complement the Predator-2072's larger bowl is an 80:1 gearbox. This gearbox creates an output of 63,000 in/lbs. The design of the Predator-2072 translates into a higher volume of solids being removed from the fluid. The 6-degree beach, which is one of the longest in the solids control industry, allows for maximum drying time of the cuttings before they are discharged from the machine.

Features & Benefits
  • A high capacity 20"x 72" bowl reduces the need for high RPM's required to increase G Force, resulting in a lower velocity of liquids and solids. This ultimately reduces wear and tear on all components.
  • The larger bowl diameter and length further increases residence time and efficiency of separation.
  • The Kayden designed 80:1 ratio, planetary gearbox delivers 63,000 in/ lbs. output torque to handle high solids loading.
  • Use of high grade stainless steel construction for all process liquid wetted parts.
  • Four vibration mounts isolating the bowl carrier frame. These protect the main bearings during transport and ensure quiet operation.
  • A remote electrical control panel can be placed within 75' of the centrifuge.
  • A 'torque out' reset eliminates mechanical shear pins.