Bear 2276

The Bear-2276 combines the high capacity of Kayden’s Mammoth-2276 with a new Patent Pending internal design. This design creates a proper mixture of centrifuged barite and polished fluid that is then introduced back to the active system. This design creates a solution to the costly problems associated with poor barite mixing and recovery.

Features & Benefits

This properly mixed fluid results in the following benefits:

  • Reduces the likelihood of spills in high flow rate applications, allowing the centrifuge to process more fluid. This higher processing rate, results in better recovery
  • Higher throughput results in increased LGS removal, and ensures the client benefits from a cleaner drilling fluid system
  • Decreases costly tank cleaning and maintenance by reducing the amount of barite that settles in the bottom and corners of tanks, by creating a more properly mixed combination of both polished fluid and barite
  • Reduction of new barite having to be added to the system resulting in substantial cost savings