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QHSE Supervisor - West Texas
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West Texas, TX
United States

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Ensure Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment is optimized in each area.



  • Ensure that quality control and assurance expectations are understood prior to the job starting. Coordinate and lead the Kayden pre-spud meeting. Confirm that expectations are communicated to the field staff and those expectations are continually achieved.
  • Complete pre-job checklist and follow the current process at beginning of every job.
  • Work with your team to exceed client expectations and continually improve operations, setups, and process.
  • Ensure all field staff meet and exceed Kayden policies and field performance requirements.
  • Approve all timesheets and overtime daily and resolve conflicts that day.
  • Provide ongoing support and training to field technicians and help build specific training programs based on field technicians needs. 
  • Ensure that there is a good relationship between the QHSE Supervisor and the company men through daily visits to the rig and clear communication. 
  • Ensure equipment is ready and available for current and upcoming jobs. You are responsible to ensure equipment arriving on location is clean, well is functioning and appropriate for achieving the client expectations. Be able to troubleshoot basic mechanical and electrical issues as needed.
  • Ensure reporting from the field technicians is completed daily, accurate and thoroughly reviewed. 
  • Review and revise daily reports as needed to meet customer expectations and send a report to General Manager daily.
  • Keep track of each job number and current well info and help in the billing process.
  • Get end of well tickets signed in a timely fashion.
  • Work with Operations Manager / General Manager / Field Sales / QHSE Supervisors / Kayden Safety Manager to ensure the desired results are continually being achieved.


  • Ensuring staff working the area are fit for duty, mentally and physically.
  • Assist the Safety Coordinator to ensure that employees are in compliance with company drug and alcohol policy.


  • Ensure that field technicians are performing their work as safely as possible, equipment is rigged up safely and according to best practices.  This is best achieved during your daily rig visits.
  • Reviewing the safety documentation daily, follow up with the Safety Manager where necessary.
  • Ensure staff are wearing proper PPE for the specified task.
  • Ensure staff are completing JSA's, Hazard Id's as necessary
  • Ensuring that staff are present and contribute to daily rig safety meetings, addressing any safety concerns
  • Reporting of incidents/accidents and ensure corrective actions are followed through.
  • Ensure quality health safety and the environment is optimized in each area.
  • Investigate accidents and incidents on your assigned rigs and equipment.


  • Equipment and processes are reviewed during daily rig visitations to ensure that we have no spills.
  • Involved in gathering information and corrective actions in any incidents to ensure similar incidents do not occur at other Kayden locations.   


  • Your regular schedule for your role is 20 days on, 10 days off rotation during which you are expected to be available 24 hours a day during your days on unless otherwise specified by your manager. The schedule may be changed based on the needs of the business. It is expected that all team members are flexible with regards to this matter.
  • Every rig should be visited daily (particularly on new rig ups or complex sections on troubled rigs).

Essential Functions:

  • Ensure Kayden’s policies and procedures are followed in the field
  • Ensure Customer Satisfaction and Communication continuously
  • Support and represent Kayden Core Values
  • Deliver Consumables
  • Service Equipment
  • You are expected to represent Kayden in a professional manner at all times including dress and hygiene while attending company-related events in or outside of regular work hours whether or not they are hosted by Kayden. Unprofessional behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Manage all field staff for your assigned rigs.
  • Manage all equipment on your assigned rigs.
  • Manage all supplies, repairs and maintenance on your assigned rigs.
  • Manager all daily reporting and cost sheets on your assigned rigs.

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