Kayden has experience in Dredging, Desludging and Dewatering processes for municipalities, agriculture and industrial ponds and lagoons. What sets Kayden apart is its expertise in operations. Kayden prepares prior to the job commencing by surveying the pond, laboratory testing the material, then proposing the most efficient equipment package and ensuring an effective service plan is in place to save clients’ money by reducing project length. At the end of the project we deliver a process that proves our performance and that the solution is effective.

Features and Benefits

  • Wide range of large capacity centrifuges
  • Dredge designs allow removal of solids on lagoon edges, ensuring all material is removed
  • Liner Protection System ensures liners are not damaged or altered
  • By returning water back to the lagoon berm integrity is maintained
  • Solids can be stored on site reducing disposal costs
  • Reduced dewatering times versus conventional land spreading operations
  • Financing is available with flexible terms
  • All equipment is skid mounted and equipped with spill prevention systems
  • Full laboratory testing capabilities
  • Full scale polymer & chemical offerings
  • In-house research and development team