Barite Recovery Cont.

The VFD Advantage

The Kayden process begins with the use of the Mammoth-2276 centrifuge as the recovery centrifuge. This machine has a VFD panel which allows optimization by the technician onsite, so the speed of the centrifuge and the flow of the feed pump can be adjusted. Kayden centrifuges also have adjustable pool plates, that when combined with the VFD panel allows the technician to make multiple adjustments and fine tune to optimize the amount of barite recovered.

The Personnel Advantage

Kayden field technicians are thoroughly trained through an in house mud school and have hands on experience with barite recovery as trainees, before working on their first barite recovery job. Throughout the job technicians capture samples which are then sent to KLAB (Kayden’s Performance analysis and optimization service) for a detailed analysis of the barite recovery equipment’s performance, which is compiled in an end of well performance report. The report compares the current well from the previous, always striving for improvements.

The Wash-down Advantage

The effluent or fluid from the barite centrifuge (overflow) is discharged into a cone tank after the barite has been removed. The recovered barite (underflow) is then discharged into a hopper that is positioned directly under the centrifuge discharge with a wash-down pump rigged to it. This allows the barite to be immediately mixed with fluid and discharged into the mud tanks. The wash-down is generally rigged up to the rigs active pit so that Kayden can ensure the cleanest fluid is used.

The Polisher Advantage

The polisher process begins with the deweighted fluid (barite overflow) being discharged into the cone tank, which the polishing centrifuge is rigged up to. The polishing centrifuge can be either the Predator-2072 or the Mammoth-2276. The polishing centrifuge has adjustable pool plates and is controlled by the VFD to allow for continual optimization by the field technician, ensuring the best possible cut. The polisher overflow also discharges into the cone tank. By following this process Kayden is able to process the fluid multiple times before the fluid is reintroduced into the rigs active system. This ensures the fluid is as clean as possible.

Drying Shaker Advantage

When drying shakers are used to recover fluid from cuttings, this fluid is also discharged into the cone tank and processed by the polishing centrifuge. By doing this Kayden is able to reduce the amount of unwanted solids from this fluid, without having to take the barite recovery system offline. This allows Kayden to continue processing the active system and allows the entire system to be active for continued drilling.

Continual Optimization Advantage

Kayden technicians continually check mud weights in the active system as well as the overflow and underflow of the centrifuges and make necessary adjustments based on the results. By doing this Kayden is able to optimize the desired mud weights and remove Low Gravity Solids. Kayden’s goal is to continually optimize the Barite recovery system to increase efficiency of the drilling operations.