Being the leader in solid/liquid separation Kayden has been involved in multiple Wastewater processes. From processing waste from industrial plants to separating organic waste from agricultural facilities and municipal lagoons. Kayden has experience that sets us apart from our competition. Kayden has the experience to rapidly adapt its process to improve effectiveness and efficiency. There isn’t a job too big or too small for Kayden to handle.

Kayden not only supplies centrifuges but also the required surface equipment to ensure your job is a success. Kayden has numerous sizes of centrifuges, floating & submersible pumps, large particle shaker and shear systems, polymer mixing & injection tanks and waste bins.

Features and Benefits

  • Wide range of Centrifuge capacities (Predator (15-20 ton/hr), Mammoth (20-25 ton/hr), Titan (40-50 ton/hr))
  • Reduce disposal volumes
  • Full equipment packages including centrifuge, tanks, shakers, pumps etc.
  • Full laboratory testing capabilities and optimization program
  • Full scale polymer & chemical offerings
  • In-house research and development team
  • Service technicians for maintenance, operation and training applications