Defining Centrifuge Technology

Kayden Industries provides fully integrated dewatering skids with a single or dual centrifuge setup, complete with pumps, and polymer injection units. Kayden units are designed and built to transport easily and efficiently while operating reliably in the harshest environments around the world. Dewatering is both an economical approach to any operation by reducing the reliance on fresh water, minimizing disposal costs and even protecting the well from formation damage in fragile clay formations.

Kayden Industries is the leading innovator in Barite Recovery, and has proven performance throughout all major North American oilfield basins. With a continual optimization approach, Kayden has been able to outperform the competition and show true cost savings to operators across the industry.

Kayden Pond Dewatering

Kayden Industries prides ourselves on efficient and effective solutions for the dewatering of ponds. With large capacity centrifuges, supplemental equipment and expert personnel, Kayden can accomplish any job big or small.

Proven Through Performance

Learn more about how Kayden Industries is an innovative source of solids control technology worldwide. This video showcases the solution driven approach that has allowed Kayden Industries to be an industry leader across many applications. With proven performance and the most reliable equipment on the market Kayden Industries has proven to be a leader in solids control innovation.